Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I interviewed my classmate laetitia about my blogs and here is the questions:


1) Do you like soccer?
Yes i do

2) Are you interested in watching soccer matchs?
Yes i am

3) What do you think about my last post about soccer?
 Usefull for soccer fans

4) Was my blog intresting for you? and will you visit it again?
Yes, because you give us some infornation about future soccer tournaments.

5)Whats the best thing you liked about the blog? and what is the worst?
The best thing is your writing style, and the worse is the colours that you used

6) Do you think people would be intrested to visit my blog?
Yes i do.

7) Do you have any suggestions about the blog?
Change the colours.

8) Do you think it is a good blog comparing to other blogs?
i don t know.

9) What do you think people or soccer fans would like to see more in the blog?
Pictures and soccer results.

10) How much would you give my blog from 10?


  1. Mohamed,

    One quick point regarding #8

    8)Do you think it's a good blog COMPARED to other blogs. I know that -ing and -ed endings can be confusing but here your blog is being compared to another.